Cloud appreciation club

Have you ever taken the time to just look up? We live in a world that is forever moving, forever changing and forever attaining a full undivided attention. We often forget to stop. And none of this if your not moving forwards your moving backwards, if you keep moving forwards you’ll forget how to liveContinue reading “Cloud appreciation club”

Improving my relationship with me

One quote that lives in my head rent free is: “The longest relationship you will have is with yourself” A simple sentence that really awakened the way in which I view myself. I am someone who is really hard on themselves, I achieve a goal and I’ve already moved the goalpost of the next one.Continue reading “Improving my relationship with me”

Arguing with my ego.

We all like to think that we are in control of our ego all the time. I know I definitely did. But there are little times when we find out self consumed with a wealth of emotion and that’s when the ego takes control. Let me tell you my biggest example I’ve gone through (hopefullyContinue reading “Arguing with my ego.”

New year, new me – No.

It’s nearly the end of January 2021 and what a start to the year we have had. Throughout January you will find yourself been asked or asking others, do you have any New Years resolutions? To which you might make something up, you might have made some or if your like me you just sayContinue reading “New year, new me – No.”


I have decided to start a small blog called a letter to myself. Where every day or every no again I will write a letter to future me because I have noticed that we live life in patterns or cycles. The most evident one for me is the text that says I can’t give youContinue reading “Pilot.”

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