Cloud appreciation club

Have you ever taken the time to just look up?

We live in a world that is forever moving, forever changing and forever attaining a full undivided attention.

We often forget to stop. And none of this if your not moving forwards your moving backwards, if you keep moving forwards you’ll forget how to live

I’ve recently started my masters degree and one of my lectures said she joined the cloud appreciation club whether that was metaphorical or not I’m still to find out but the concept struck me, I can’t remember the last time I took a five minute break to look out the window in the Beautiful world we live in and to look up, to take five minutes and admire the clouds, focus on my breathing and reset.

It busy times we often forget the need to pause but that’s when we need it most! When we stop and breath we reset our brains and our bodies which can often offer the clarity that we need

I’m not saying around with your legs crossed and humming every five minutes but I’m saying how important it is to take time out each day just reset

You might find it makes a huge impact on your mind and your well-being

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