Go get ‘em!

Do you ever have them days where you just feel like you conquering the world? you feel like nothing can bring you down and you stand/ sit there thinking why don’t I feel like this every day? 


I have recently, really got into self-development! Reading books, listening to audiobooks, podcasts, watching videos on how to utilise you, taking a variety of tests to learn more about myself, you name it! (for anyone interested I will list the resources I have found most useful at the end of this entry and would love recommendations for more)

Yesterday listening to an audiobook (Think grow rich) on my long commute home from work, when there was a section on how people create their own luck, their own fortunes in life through the things they put out (obviously it was explained better in the audiobook) but this related to loads of other books I had read about high frequencies and going after what you desire, much like many people, I had my reservations but I thought what do I have to lose? 

Which bring me to the point of this whole story. I arrived home and typed a text to a person who had jokingly said he would higher me for my organisation skills, we had often joked back and forth about the idea but to no conclusive outcome. But all I could think about what the lines I had heard in the audiobook, so I sent the text and stared at my phone as you do when you send a risky text. Long story short we met this morning and a deal was struck, I continued with my day on cloud 9 and more great things started to happen, I was saying yes to social events that I usually shrug off and I felt people were just generally nicer, more talkative. 

Until the penny dropped, maybe it’s me. 

Maybe this high frequency, high vibrations concept is not madness. If we put out positive energy, maybe we get it back? and if today is anything to go by I don’t think I ever want to lower my frequency again. 

obviously, this won’t work every day in the future, somedays I really don’t want to communicate with anyone other than my cat and a tub of ice cream covered in chocolate sauce. 

But for anyone having disbelief or doubt about a high-frequency way of life after reading self-development books, I, a previous doubter highly recommend it.

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