Affirmations – self induced pep talk

The concept affirmations is completely new to me. In a bit of self improvement this year I decided to read more books that can expand my knowledge on a variation of different topics.

The first topic I started with was self-help I feel like I needed to raise my self-awareness and we discover who I was so high and that’s on a journey and found some self help books.

A common trend within all these books, is that they all discussed importance of having affirmations and how these can help to raise your frequency and help you achieve the things you thought that were once impossible.

And yes we’ve all seen the affirmations on social media that if you repeat this every morning you will get ritual find the love of your life which we all find a little far-fetched because the last time I checked Jason Momoa was married with kids.

But on the other hand since I have started using affirmations it has offered me I blink of hope in times that seem quite dreary and uncertain.

I have started on my journey of these affirmations so watch the this space for updates.

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