Improving my relationship with me

One quote that lives in my head rent free is:

“The longest relationship you will have is with yourself”

A simple sentence that really awakened the way in which I view myself. I am someone who is really hard on themselves, I achieve a goal and I’ve already moved the goalpost of the next one.

I never give myself time to feel gratitude, happiness or a sense of achievement for the tasks and goals I have completed/ achieved.

During the first lockdown, I decided to make a change in my life, I started a master’s degree. One of the best decisions I have made! Not only to it help to fulfil a sense of yearning that I had towards agriculture, but there was a module on developing you.

During this module, I discovered more about who I was than I had in the 23 years I had been alive. Don’t get me wrong, I discovered a lot about myself that was hard to swallow but I was able to appreciate the good traits I have and how to improve traits I was not as strong in.

I will continue on some of my reflections but this was the start of my journey in being nicer to myself and falling back in love with me.

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