New year, new me – No.

It’s nearly the end of January 2021 and what a start to the year we have had.

Throughout January you will find yourself been asked or asking others, do you have any New Years resolutions?

To which you might make something up, you might have made some or if your like me you just say no not this year with an awkward laugh.

But, if last year taught us anything adaptability is key. I feel that almost everyone will find them self in a completely different position to this time last year. I had a relationship crumble, my work situation changed and I started a masters.

I feel lucky that I have almost found a large silver lining to the current pandemic and I know that other people have not been as fortunate and have found it quite difficult, which is okay, it’s better than okay it’s perfectly normal.

I look back now and feel happy with my journey but flashback to a few months ago and I was crying in my car to drum and base, wondering what on earth was going on with my life (we’ve all been there)

This is why I took an active decision to ban new year new me for now and forever. The complexity to which we now find ourselves needs us to be adaptable when we want to be adaptable!

Hit your version of rock bottom, in July whilst sipping a summer cocktail? Create a new you then! Find yourself relating far too much to the grinch in December? Create a new you then!

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